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"It's just a different kind of Christmas this year." -- Mark Schultz

I have decided to put the usual note filled with writerly wisdom and advice, which I had in progress, back in the hopper for a later time. Instead, I will offer some of what the funny and wise George Carlin called "brain droppings."

Another holiday season is upon us, one like no other in anyone's recent memory. Wondering how to salvage as much of the festive spirit as possible some things came to mind that I would like to share for your consideration.

Gifts: what to give our writer's circle of friends that will not break the bank nor require a Dun & Bradstreet rating to mail? Some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Poetry books and reference books on writing skills have been welcomed each time I received or sent them. They do not have to be new (used books have a special charm and personality all their own) and can be mailed special at book rates, or free, depending on your shopping choice.
  • Writing materials, notebooks, pens or pencils, a portfolio to carry notes and work safely. Writing "out there in the world" offers you so much more than staring at a computer screen inside a room.
  • If you haven't enjoyed the pleasures of writing with a fountain pen, you are missing a fun and intimate connection to our craft. Excellent pens are available at prices right out of the 1950s. Don't forget some real paper with matching envelopes (good laid bond with a woven or linen finish), not just multi-purpose copy paper.
  • Word-a-day or literary desk calendars.

How many of your close friends or even family know that you write poetry? A Holiday card with a poem for the season might be a way to let them know. If you are artistically inclined as well (very many writers are) perhaps also a simple sketch to accompany your note and poem.

I have found over the years that a holiday deadline is easiest accepted as an approximation. A personal card or gift is every bit as welcome early or late though I do attempt to maintain a goal of a week or two either way.

Everyone be sure to note the plans for IPA LIVE! in the coming year. Endless possibilities are just around the corner.

I wish all our IPA family and those dear to them, safe and joyous holidays.

Read the best of what you wish to write and ever, keep writing.

Dec. 2020/Jan. 2021

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