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Have you ever wanted to know how to write a haiku, a sonnet, poetry for children, or an ekphrastic poem? Have you wanted to learn more about poetry communities near you? Would you like to hear from teachers and students about the role poetry plays in and out of the classroom? If so, the Iowa Poetry Association through IPA LIVE! plans to bring members from across the state together for online workshops each month.

Our workshop line-up so far...
A wonderful launch of our IPA LIVE! mini-workshop programs began in January, learning about the art and craft of HAIKU with Dennis Maulsby and writing SONNETS with Allison Berryhill.
In February the focus was on writing POEMS FOR CHILDREN with Lisa Toth Salinas as well as poetry on NATIONAL/WORLD EVENTS with Robbin Farr.
Kyle McCord presented an engaging introduction to EKPHRASTIC poetry in March.

April is NATIONAL POETRY MONTH with special programming:
April 14, 7-8 PM IPA LIVE! enjoys a conversation with Iowa Poet Laureate Deb Marquart. We'll learn about her special projects and hear her read from her work. You'll have an opportunity to ask your questions.
April 21, 7-8 PM Learn more about Iowa's Poetry Communities. If you're a poet looking for a poetry community, find out about online opportunities to connect with workshop groups or eclectic writing groups.
April 28, 7-9 PM Find your favorite poems about poetry and prepare to share during our National Poetry Month Extended Poetry Reading. IPA LIVE! invites any member who wants to read to sign up for this two-hour event. This includes anyone who has already read during the IPA LIVE! reading series. The price of admission - you must begin your reading segment with a poem about poets or poetry. Please register to read at ipa@iowapoetry.com with April Reading Sign Up in the subject line by April 25. Once we know the number of readers, we will determine the length of readings.

Then coming up...
May - everything you want to know about Chapbooks!
June - resources for teachers
July - winning Students!
Then August through November we'll delve into the writing process, suggestions for revising and how to submit your work.


IPA LIVE! also features the voices of IPA poets. Members will have an opportunity to share their poetry during a series of online topical readings (see the schedule below). Poets who would like to read on the monthly topic should sign up by email at ipa@iowapoetry.com. In the subject line write POETRY READING and indicate in the body of the email the topic. Plan on sharing 3-5 poems (depending on length). We would like to hear from 6-8 poets per session. Sign-up is first come, first served. Poets should plan on reading only one time during the year as we would like to hear from as many Iowa poets as possible. See the calendar for reading topics below.

UPDATE TO READINGS: IPA LIVE! is making changes to the reading series guidelines. Any IPA member who would like to read as part of the series, even if you have read previously or have plans to read in the future, will have an opportunity to read during future programs. Please register with Dawn in advance, let her know the months when you would like to read. If someone would like to read who has yet to do so, they will be moved to the front of the RSVP line. It's still first come first served. We are looking for 6-7 readers per program, allotting 10 minutes per reader. Check out the topics by month as listed below.


Jan. 27 - Pandemic poetry July 28 - Summer
Feb. 24 - NFSPS contest poems Aug. 25 - Passages/transition
Mar. 24 - Spring/Nature Sept. 22 - Labor/work
Apr. 28 - Poets/poetry/ars poetica     Oct. 27 - Haunted
May 26 - Veterans/soldiers Nov. 24 - Thanksgiving/harvest
Jun. 23 - Family/mother/father Dec. 8 - Celebrations

WHEN and HOW TO JOIN IN to listen

Reserve the second Wednesday of the month for IPA workshop night, the fourth Wednesday of the month for IPA reading night. Workshops will take place from 7:00 - 8:00 pm. Login information will be distributed to those who RSVP in advance to ipa@iowapoetry.com. In the subject line please write RSVP WORKSHOP for mini-workshop events. RSVP READINGS to listen to the monthly readings. Login information will be emailed prior to each event.


Monthly reminders will be emailed to IPA members who have email addresses. If you would like to make sure you're on the email list or to update your information, please email ipa@iowapoetry.com. Please join and check the Iowa Poetry Association Facebook page for reminders about upcoming monthly workshops and reading topics.

Check the IPA calendar on our Events page!

If you have questions, please email Dawn Terpstra at dterp@me.com, or call 641-521-1837.

Please join us LIVE! for new poetry connections in 2021.

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