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Writer's Digest

Annual writing competition offers $3,000 in cash prizes. Ten categories. May 15th deadline. $15 entry fee for first manuscript. 32 line limit for poems. Get the rules at poetsmarketnewsletter@fwpubs.com

For College/University Students

IF YOU HAVE COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY LEVEL persons in your family or in your acquaintance who have poetic tendencies, alert them to the special manuscript competition NFSPS conducts. Four copies of a 10-poem submission must be in hand by February 1st. Very specific guidelines and a required application form can be obtained online at www.nfsps.com/scholarship.htm. Two awards of $500 each and 75 copies of the manuscript published by NFSPS are given, plus a $300 stipend if the winner attends the NFSPS convention in June. No entry fee. Application must be notarized.

NFSPS Contests

Don't forget the 50-category NFSPS 2018 CONTEST. Your IPA membership (if paid by Mar.1st) entitles you to the "member" rate, which means you can enter 48 poems (or as many categories as your work will fit into) for a total fee of $10.00. Deadline is March 15, 2018 postmark so get to work NOW! For a copy of the rules, send an SASE to NFSPS Contest Chairman, Susan Maxwell Campbell, 115 North Wisteria, Mansfield, IX 76063-1835 or check out their website at www.nfsps.com and click on "contests".


SASE means self-addressed stamped envelope and should be included with each request for information/rules and with all contest or potential publication submissions (unless guidelines specifically say "no SASE.") Send a #10 (business-size 9.5"x4.5") envelope.

There are MANY sites where you can share your poems on the internet. Do not forget, a poem placed on the internet is published and cannot be entered as an unpublished poem in contests where this is a requirement.

Rules need to be read carefully and followed exactly. In a few cases kind-hearted contest chairs will overlook your deviations, but most will disqualify poems that ignore one or more guidelines, either intentionally or carelessly. Why waste your time and postage if your submission never gets into the judge's or editor's hands?

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