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Lyrical Iowa Competition

Lyrical Iowa is an annual anthology of 300 or more poems chosen from those submitted to the competitions listed below. Contests are open to all persons with an Iowa address; you do not need to be a member of the Association. No entry fee.

IPA 2017 Contest Rules

It is essential that you follow the Contest Rules when submitting poems for consideration.
Please note: We require that all poems except haiku have titles. Also, the "Indigenous to Iowa" category has been eliminated.

Click here for the 2017 Contest Rules.

For 2017 NFSPS College/University Level Poetry Contest Rules, click here.

IPA 2016 Contest Winners

1034 entries, Judge - William R. Reyer, Tiffin, OH
1st - Beverly Mattix Green, Murray
2nd - Bill Graeser, Fairfield
3rd - Nan Fawcett, West Branch
1st HM - Levi Lyle, Keota
2nd HM - Marilyn Baszczynski, Earlham
3rd HM - Margaret Flint Suter, Hampton

Margaret Lynch Siskow Memorial Award
Ellen Brandau, Osage
Eileen Jons Coursey Memorial Award
Ramona Morse, Osage
Special Award for First Time Entrant
Carol Tyx, Iowa City

15 entries, Judge - Madelyn Eastlund, Beverly Hills, FL
1st - Dale Netherton, Farmington
HM - Kathleen Russell, Ames

36 entries, Judge - Madelyn Eastlund, Beverly Hills, FL
1st - Dan Campion, Iowa City
2nd - Lori Shannon, Manning
3rd - Christine Brink, Dow City
1st HM - Linda Wolfe, Greenfield
2nd HM - James H. Sutton, Des Moines
3rd HM - Gene M. Rohr, Grinnell

33 Entries, Judge - Marilyn E. Juhl, Mitchellville, IA
1st - Bonnie S. Forey, Spirit Lake
2nd - Niki Conover, Spencer
3rd - Linda S.M. Jacobs, Runnells
1st HM - Nancy Samcoe-Link, Des Moines
2nd HM - Cheryl Whalen, Guttenberg
3rd HM - Janet Gilchrist, Douds

104 entries, Judge - Stanley Malless, Murphy, NC
1st - Dennis Maulsby, Ames
2nd - Patricia Bieber, Muscatine
3rd - Jon Moss, Altoona
1st HM - Marjorie W. Moore, Indianola
2nd HM - Emma Lee Godfrey, Council Bluffs
3rd HM - Virginia Westbrook, Des Moines

61 entries, Judge - Ann Gasser, West Reading, PA
1st - Milli Gilbaugh, Iowa City
2nd - Vicky Dovenspike, Salem
3rd - Joe Millard, Waukee
1st HM - Helen J. Thoen, Manly
2nd HM - Steven Thompson, Orage
3rd HM - Les McCargar, Gilman


Not enough entries.

258 entries, Judge - Dora Malech, Baltimore, MD
1st - Kelsey Chidley, Asbury, 12th gr., Hempstead HS, Dubuque
2nd - Lindsey Zuldema, Hull, 9th gr. Western Christian HS
3rd - Jacob Gates, WDM, 9th gr., Valley Southwoods HS
1st HM - Izabel Wilde, WDM, 11th gr., Valley HS
2nd HM - Amber Wittrock, Humboldt, 10th gr.
3rd HM - Breanne Anderson, Lucas, 11th gr., Cariton HS

552 Entries, Judge - Eleanor Andrews, Wells, ME
1st - Megan Jones, Johnston, 7th gr., Summit Middle Sch.
2nd - Emily Carlo, Pella, 6th gr., Jefferson Intermediate
3rd - Lily Giddings, Independence, 6th gr., West Elem.
1st HM - Hayley Hanson, Pella, 6th gr., Jefferson Intermediate
2nd HM - Taylor Tharp, Walker, 8th gr., Independence Jr/Sr
3rd HM - Broden Miller, Webster City, 6th gr., Middle Sch.

82 Entries, Judge - Eleanor Andrews, Wells, ME
1st - Ginger McCartney, Iowa City, 4th gr., Willowwind
2nd - Athena XiMeng Wu, Coralville, 4th gr., Van Allen Elem.
3rd - Chantal Eulenstein, Ames, 3rd gr., Edwards Elementary
1st HM - Ellie Duff, Wios City, 1st gr., Willowwind
2nd HM - Cherrylenne Hibbing, Hartley, 4th gr., home school
3rd HM - Alysa Grawe, Ames, 3rd gr., Edwards Elementary

Other Student Awards:
2nd HM: Ellerie Tarbox, Saint Albert Catholic School, Council Bluffs
3rd HM: Megan J. Szalay, St. Francis of Assisi, West Des Moines,
from the Manningham Award, for poems submitted when they were 7th graders. The Manningham is given by the National Federation of State Poetry Societies with which the Iowa Poetry Association is affiliated. These two poems had previously been winners in the 2015 IPA contest.
The following received awards in the National Federation's Student HS contest in June:
2nd: Calab Holder, Council Bluffs
1st HM: Elliot Smith, West Des Moines
7th HM: Amber Wittrock, Humbolt

In case you've forgotten to order...

There are copies of Lyrical Iowa 2016 available for $10.00 postpaid.

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